Whether you’ve been coming to Voodoo since 1999 or this is your first Experience, we’re sure you’ve got some questions. There’s a good chance whatever you’re wondering is answered below. If it isn’t, feel free to email us at .

General Voodoo Info
+ Voodoo is a rain, mud, sleet, snow, or shine Experience.
+ The Festival lineup is subject to change without notice.
+ Open 10:30am-11:00pm Friday and Saturday; until 9:00pm Sunday.
+ All ages are welcome.
+ Children under 10 are free with a credentialed adult.
+ No tailgating.
+ No camping this year, sorry. You’re in New Orleans with plenty of hotel options.
+ Everyone is subject to search upon entry.
+ Credentials are non-transferable.
+ Credential are void if tampered or altered.
+ There will be a $35 replacement fee for lost Credentials.
+ No refunds or exchanges.

Things You Can Bring
+ Small, soft backpacks, & purses.
+ Collapsible and soft folding chairs.
+ Blankets/Beach towels.
+ Small flashlights.
+ Totems and flags.
+ Sunscreen (no aerosols).
+ Refillable water bottles (must be empty upon entry).
+ All medication requires prescription with matching photo ID.

Things You Should Leave at Home
+ Weapons of any kind (or costume pieces that appear to be weapons).
+ Fireworks or explosives.
+ Camelbacks or bladder backpacks.
+ Unsealed tampons.
+ Drugs or drug paraphernalia.
+ Outside alcohol, food, or drinks. We’ve got everything you need inside.
+ Wooden or metal flag poles.
+ Eye drops, unless they are prescription with a matching ID.
+ Framed backpacks.
+ Kites.
+ Coolers.
+ Umbrellas.
+ Professional audio recording devices.
+ Professional video cameras.
+ Professional cameras.
+ Detachable lenses.
+ Tents or hammocks.
+ Pets and live animals.
+ Unauthorized vending, solicitation flyers, giveaways, or samplings.
+ Laser pointers–nothing worse than an asshole with a laser pointer.
+ Bad attitudes, sadness and/or whining.

Festival Totems + Flags
We want you to fly your flag (freak or otherwise) at Voodoo. In the tradition of the iconic festivals around the world, you’re not here to conquer–you’re here to let everyone know who you are. Therefore, flags/totems will be no more than 10 feet tall and 1 inch thick made of lightweight materials with no metals or sharp edges. Plastic poles are all that are allowed. If you show up with some Braveheart sticks and you’re not William Wallace, you’re going to have to bring them back to your car.

Our Code Noir
Worship the Music, Dance, Explore and Discover. Be the person you dream of being and allow everyone else to do the same.
It’s pretty simple.

Our Neighbors
Voodoo takes place in City Park, which is surrounded by many historic neighborhoods.We work closely with our Nola neighbors. We ask that you respect their quality of life. Do not block driveways and please use trash cans. Tell them hello, introduce yourselves and thank them for being gracious hosts. Do not park on Bayou St. John, the neutral grounds or medians, in front of driveways or anywhere that has a posted “No Parking” sign.

Top 10 Questions
Will there be free water? Yes.
Is Voodoo all ages? Yes.
How much is a kid’s ticket? Kids under 10 get in free with a credentialed adult.
Will there be charging stations? Yes.
Will there be ATMs? Yes.
Will there be lockers? Yes.
May I leave and re-enter? Yes, If you have 3-Day GA or 3-Day Loa Credentials.
May Single Day Credential holders leave and re-enter? No.
Do I need an ID? Absolutely, you will need it to purchase alcohol or to pick up Credentials from the Box Office.
Where can I get more information? Stop by Guest Services or ask any Voodoo staff member.